IAME management


Dolgov Oleg

Professor, Doctor of Public Administration, DBA, Academician of the IAME, Academician of the "Academy of Life Support of the Population" , Rector of the Institute for Advanced Studies of State and Municipal Employees, Director of the Center for Qualifications Assessment.

Vice President

Bologov Alexander

Professor, Doctor of Science (American Coastline University), Academician of PANI, IAME, Head of the Department of the State University of Marine and River Fleet named after V.I. admiral Makarova S.O.

Vice President

Shalobaev Evgeny

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy in the field of information technology and computer science, academician of the IAME, academician of the Academy of Science, President of the "International Consortium of Fundamental Education"

Vice President

Logvinenko Victoria

Professor, DBA, Academician of the IAME, Director of the Academic Institute of Business Administration of the IAME

Vice President

Magdiev Rinat

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the "Academy of Life Support of the Population"

Vice President

Rakhimov Achilbai

Professor, Academician of the "International Academy of Transport"

Vice President

Al-Jundi Waddah Muhammad

Doctor of Public Relations, Director of the Russian-Arab Center for Cultural and Business Cooperation, co-chairman of the Russian-Syrian Society, member of the Arab House - Moscow Presidium, expert of the Multinational Russia Club - Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, member of the Council for Interethnic Cooperation.